Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Beginnings !

As with everything in life, there are endings and there are beginnings.

Spring is always good for us as a family because we are gifted with Mother Nature's display of new life, blooms, textures and colors. These gifts open our eyes to new possibilities and soothe our hearts!

I hope you enjoy a short tour of a few of the plants in and around our gardens!


  1. Sandy...these are beautiful flowers and the colors and textures are amazing! Thanks for sharing......

    Take it SLOW my sweet friend. Rest that shoulder. ICE IT TOO...and then rest it for at least an hour and let your muscles warm up...and before using it for ANYTHING strenuous.

    ** I LOVE TO GIVE ADVICE...just pat me on the head..and nod and smile. That's what I tell my family to do.

    Are those LILACS ?? OH my gosh, I have not been privileged to enjoy that fragrance since I was a little girl...we had some in our yard in Chicago...I want to die with that fragrance all around me. ~ I truly do!
    Flowers most certainly do soothe our minds and hearts.
    My grandmother was the first person in my life to pass away...and I remember going out into our yard and crying...and I was sitting under the Arbor with the Lilacs blooming...and altho that was a sad time...I remember the lilacs soothing my sorrow.
    I probably don't need to tell you that was a LONG time ago...some memories are always stored in the corners of our minds it seems.
    She was my Maternal grandmother who lived in that Victorian house with us.

    Love, Rose

  3. Sandy your strength continues to amaze me...

    your encouraging post today.... (beautiful flowers!)
    your sweet email to me...

    you are an amazing person


  4. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO possible you will find me in your garden some time.... just waiting and smelling the flowers and I'll bring coffee and cup cakes.

    yep. I do indeed like your take on Spring... it's like the world opening up all over again each year!!!

    ;-) robelyn


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