Saturday, April 17, 2010

Purple Irises are Blooming!

Everyday the gardens are changing...and here is today's spotlight...the Purple Iris!


  1. Beautiful! I noticed a bud on one of my iris plants this week - no flower yet. I have 3 plants...I got them from a friend who was throwing them away because she doesn't like iris. And I absolutely love bulb plants. My Easter lilies are growing, but no buds on them yet. Crape myrtles are leafing out. A geranium made it through the winter. This is the best time of the year!

    By July here in the DFW area, we'll have garden stir-fry though.

  2. Such beautiful iris blooms! Mine are about to burst into bloom as well--can't wait! Such a lovely, cheering flower!

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  3. I am sooo enjoying my iris blooms too...don't you just love that regal look they have??? You've are gorgeous~ Have a Blessed Sunday~

  4. oops, hit the wrong keys..should be "yours are gorgeous!!)'s been a long day!

  5. Sandy, beautiful iris!! And lots of them!! Mine are purple as well. It brought to mind the house of an old friend that had all white iris and calla lilies in her garden. It was beautiful, but I must say I love color!!


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