Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Old Cottonwood Tree

This is a close up of the bark of an Old Cottonwood tree on our property. I love the texture of the bark. Notice the swirls in the bark?

This view shows one of the many forks in the Old Cottonwood tree. Which path to follow?

I've been told that this is the last year for this beloved Old Cottonwood makes me so sad to think of it not being here. I've know this tree for 20 years. I'll miss the design of the limbs against the sky during every Season. When I took this photo it's almost as if the tree is taking an "I give up" posture with it's main limbs. It's been a loyal tree for our family, strong of spirit and has weathered storms, droughts, rains, heatwaves, cold snaps and snow.

I'll ask Mr. B when he cuts it down if he can make table tops for my bird baths and flat thick disks for the bases of flower pots. I'll use the cut up trunk and large limbs in my gardens for "green" borders...they disintegrate with age and add nutrients to the soil. So this Old Cottonwood Tree will again give back to my garden but until it's removed...I will gaze at it every time I go outside and wonder about it's history.


  1. Sandy,
    Such a beautiful, old tree. There is always a true sense of sadness and loss when one has to be cut down. It's hard to put it into words. I do love your ideas for having it live on in different ways!! How big is your property?

  2. The discs for your flower pots is a great idea! Just the other day I saw discs about four inches around and 1/2 thick used for coasters. Very green! I've also seen pieces of logs and branches used to great effect in jewelry displays!

  3. Both of those are great ideas..for re-purposing that WONDERFUL old tree.

    Do those tree's have a lifespan of only so many years...confused !



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