Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Desk - Thanks to Goodwill!

This is my center point for inspiration...I research any and everything I am curious about. I order books from my city library. I have the opportunity to read up on the latest comings and goings of my friends in the Land of Blog. I catch up on the latest news and weather and when the weather is bad it is my link to the outside world. It is my shopping mall and I never have to get in my car. Ahhhh, my computer desk is my island...

My cross for blessings, guidance and mercy, the lamp just a bit of coppery beaded whimsy and the silk plants cause you just can't have water near a computer!

The wooden duck...well just because I loved it and the globe because it reminds me of just how large our beautiful earth is.

The leather clock sitting upon an old cedar box beside a photo of Miss M. reminds me just how fast time flies! The camera is always ready to go...if I remember to bring it! The pottery vase holds all my pencils and pens for jotting down notes...then I just have to remember where I put the them!

The box of stationary for writing "Thank you" cards! The Yellow Roses for my beloved TEXAS! The alabaster orb on a wrought iron stand because I love rocks!

Everything with the exception of the computer, the memory stick and the camera is from Goodwill! Yep, last year I knew I wanted a small baker's rack with glass shelving for my desk. I hunted everywhere, $400 was the least expensive price I found. Then I walked into one of our Goodwill stores and there it was calling my name for $50! All the other treasures were bought at various Goodwill stores and nothing was over $4.00! Ahhh, my kinda shopping! Don't you just love Goodwill?


  1. Great bargains! Your rack looks very organized. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That's a wonderful use of a baker's rack! I never would have thought to have used it as a desk, but it works just perfectly, and looks lovely, too. :-)

    LOVE that clock!

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  3. I love LOVE it!!! You are so organized! My desk is wherever I happen to land... which does NOT make me organized! LOLOL

    So fun - I love the rock!!! And the flowers. And the...
    all of it!!!

    ;-) robelyn


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