Friday, April 16, 2010

This Man of Mine

When do we "the individual" become "the couple"? It's not during our first meeting, with furtive glances directed towards each other, the nervous laughter or the painful long pauses in our conversation fueled by our idiosyncratic self imposed doubts. Is it during the courtship when we realize our likes and dislikes? Is it during the incubation of emotions between dating and becoming engaged? Is it during the early stages of marriage when our differences become oh--so apparent and our similarities almost seem to disappear? Is it during the best of times or is it during the worst of times?

I've watched this man of mine for years and I not only love him ...I admire him. I've watched as he has stopped while driving to assist an elderly couple whose car broke down. I seen him stop to help a Mother with 4 kids during a pouring rainstorm...he put all of them in our vehicle and he changed the tire for her. I've watched him take our pets to the vet and tenderly nurse them back to health. I've watched him save the life of a teenager at a nearby lake...the teen didn't swim well, got too far out, we saw him floundering and my man ran across the park, then the beach, swam out and saved the teen's life...everyone else at the lake beachfront just froze and stared. I've watched him recently, while we were at a older gentleman was asking for assistance in finding envelopes...a clerk walked by...I told her that this gentleman needed help...she listened to him...pointed to another part of the store and said "They're over there!". My man and I just looked at each man walked over and said, "Hey buddy, maybe I can help." They found the envelopes and then the gentleman and my man struck up one of those everyday conversations. My man was buying bird feed, one of HIS passions...the gentleman chatted away about his love of birds...we all laughed and ended our conversation on a positive note of friendship!

I watched this man of mine help me raise 3 kids, all with strength, love and humor. I watched as he held each of our grand babies and lull them to sleep on his chest. We've weathered the deepest of valleys, the highest of mountain tops emotionally and still when I look at heart beats a little faster. He is strong, he is kind, he is funny, he is protective, he is loyal, he is humble, he is a man of honor, he always encourages me, he loves me and I love him. Our bond is forever and I am grateful. He has friends everywhere we go...I've yet to go somewhere with him that someone doesn't come up and they know each other...once you're his friend it's forever.

This man of mine won't have his picture use your imagination now....

He is handsome and tall, he has baby blue eyes fringed in thick black lashes, he is lean, he is always in jeans, he wears baseball caps or cowboy hats, he wears boots, his hands are the hands of a working man...big and strong...his mustache is long on the sides and thick, his touch is gentle...his hugs envelope you...his words are always kind...he is pure type B to my pure type A...he loves his beer - one a night...he eats whatever I cook...but if it's not his favorite...he will tell me later...much later. I love seeing him in his work clothes, jeans, and boots, with his denim shirt sleeves rolled up, his muscles strong and lean...

He has given me and our kids the life I always wished for and I am grateful.


  1. Wow...Sandy, this is really touched my heart! How many women in the world can write that about their husbands? Thank God I am one of those.....I have a wonderful husband whom I adore....!

  2. Your man is a very lucky man - to be honored, appreciated and loved.

  3. Does he have a brother?


    I think you are both so blessed to have each other!!!


  4. Sandy, I am doing some catching up tonight and I really do love your heart. What a tribute. It touches me deeply, as I know this love and I am so grateful, as I can read, you are. Thank you for this. ~Mindy


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