Sunday, April 18, 2010

To Everyone in the Land of Blog!

This is the first Rose from our Yellow Climbing Rose! There are lots more buds waiting to bloom and I am thrilled! This Rose blooms in early Spring and then again in early Fall. It does not like the heat of our Texas Summer but I love it anyway!

When I see a Yellow Rose, I think of TEXAS! But upon researching the meaning behind a Yellow Rose...I choose to offer these Yellow Roses "as a sign of friendship" to everyone in the Land of Blog"! May they brighten your day and may you know how much I appreciate all of you, your blogs, your talents, your support and most of all your friendship!


  1. Gorgeous, thank you! Your flowers are lovely and I have a brown thumb so I enjoy them!

  2. Thank you Sandy for visiting my blog and the yellow rose! Roses are one of my favorite flowers and smells wonderful....this rose has such a deep yellow color, it is beautiful!

  3. Sandy, hi! About Mayflies....ours are so small and delicate you can't even feel them land on you. They love to bite around the hairline and you can't even tell you've been bitten until later when the swelling has begun! And I mean swelling! They are nasty little things. Considering we don't have many mosquitoes...I guess it's a tossup!
    I guess if you had them in Texas, they'd be as big as dogs! ;-)

    Beautiful yellow roses!

  4. Lovely thanks so much.I adore roses.

    Happy Sunday!

  5. Sandy,
    How sweet you are!! I am awaiting my yellow roses to bloom. I have a yellow one we bought when Brenna was born and a soft pink one we bought when Lauren was born! They are both starting to come up and out.
    The leaves on your bush are such a glossy, perfect green!! Anything special that you do?
    have a fabulous day,

  6. Hi sweet Sandy!!! Your yellow roses are gorgeous!!!! What a beautiful post, too...we've all made so many friends here ~ all around the world!! Thank you so much for visiting me and for your precious comment ~ I hope you have a great week sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  7. Sandy girl....roses make our hearts SING... do they not ?
    Dawn is make friends everywhere you go.... and I am SO proud to be one of them.


  8. I SO just burst out singin' "the yellow rose of texas"... did you hear the screeching all the way at your house? LOLOL

    I appreciate YOU!!!

    Thank You for sharing the GORGEOUS rose!!!

    ;-) robelyn


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