Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Purple Beauties!

I have no idea what these Purple Beauties are...but they've been a part of my flower gardens for approximately 12 years. Perhaps they were gifted to me by one of our local birds as they visited our feeders or birdbaths...did you know that can happen?

These flowers are so easy. They come back every year. They bloom early and continue through the hottest summer days as long as you "dead head" the spent flowers which quickly go to seed pods that look like brown ball shapes about the size of a baby pea. Then you can distribute the seed pods wherever you like. They will grow in sun or shade. If the seed pods mistakenly start to grow in a place you don't want ... just dig up the plant and move it to another place.

This is a very forgiving plant and will reward you with months of blooms!


  1. Sandy - those are GORGEOUS!!!

    I have a joke about purple flowers that sometime I will have to tell you... but I have to remember it first. LOLOL

    SO beautiful!!!
    ;-) robelyn

  2. I have them too and also don't know what they are, but adore them! So pretty!


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