Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yellow Irises Are Blooming!

This morning as I was walking about the gardens checking on the status of everything, I saw that two of my yellow irises have bloomed! Others are on their way to blooming and I am thrilled! Notice the brown markings on the petals? I don't know the names of any of my irises...almost all were gifts from friends and family. But I love them dearly!


  1. Surely love the yellow ones too...we have deep purple which do not photograph as well..yours are most lovely.
    Gifts from friends...great idea.


  2. Oh dear...we had another frost last night! We're so worried about our apple trees! We had not one apple last year and a bumper crop and lots of homemade pies the year before that. We're so hoping we don't lose them all to frost again this year.

  3. Sandy those are sooo pretty! You don't see yellow ones very often!
    Your last comment brought such a smile to my face... I just cannot say.
    Thank you so much! Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!

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