Sunday, April 11, 2010


About 6 years ago this small round flower garden started as a strawberry patch for Miss M. Unfortunately the Strawberries just didn't do very well. I thought they all had died, so the following year I started adding plant cuttings, gifted bulbs and baby plants from the various flower beds on our property. This photo shows Yarrow in the center, it has a fern like prepared if you use Yarrow because it can go wild...I thin it out every year and add it into sunny locations in other flower beds. To the lower left of the Yarrow is more Thrift. Then above the Thrift is a gifted Lilly from a neighbor.

You're looking at a different view of the same garden. The focal plants in this photo are the Daylilies, to the upper left are some Butterfly Plants and do you see the Strawberries peeking out everywhere?

This is a another view of the same garden with the Daylilies in the upper right corner of the photo. Then a sprinkling of Black Eye Susans starting to send up their first leaves rounding out the left side of the photo. Of course there's more Butterfly Plant. It's difficult to see but the Blue Salvia have started to grow. Again, do you see the Strawberry plants?

Now this is a close up of one of the Strawberry plants. Do you see the white blossom? That white blossom will turn into a Strawberry in due time. Who would have known that with the addition of a few flowering plants the Strawberries found their place in the garden and now they provide us with succulent, sweet Strawberries every year! The Momma plants will send out trailers with babies attached and they will be the fruit bearing plants next year.

Don't you just love how Mother Nature takes care of her plants?

Oh by the way, I'm just the gardener...sometimes I make mistakes...but I learn from them...and I continue on...blissfully happy with my Spring and Summer passion.


May I ask a favor?

Jaime at Bella-Bijou Jewellery is an incredible jewelry artist! If you haven't visited her blog please do so, then go to her Etsy shop and you will fall into the deep, deep well of I want that! Her work is beyond beautiful! You will find her latest blog post here. One of her gorgeous rings is in the Ideal Garden Voter on Etsy, the voting ends on April 15! So please visit her blog, look at her Etsy shop and vote for her ring. Jaime didn't ask for this...I just couldn't resist the opportunity to share her work with y'all...I mean if I've gotta be in that DEEP WELL of "I want that" I couldn't ask for better company than my blog friends!

Thank you!


  1. Sandy, you were up at Midnight too ?
    I fell asleep at the computer AGAIN went to bed after midnight !!!
    LOVED the tour of your computer neat a tidy. MINE ...not so much.
    Oh how I wish I had your "gardners touch"...and wish our garden was as LUSH as your's. I can't imagine taking care of that many plants all summer and fall. to go back to bed soon, need to be awake again by 9:00AM so that we can go to Bible Study. Then we are hoping to go to an ART SHOW ThE is always fun and we see SO MANY wonderful things. I WILL bring my camera.
    ( Wish it was an Antique Show instead..but this will make do )

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Talk to you later dear friend,

  2. Sandy thank you so much for adding that little blurb about the voter and my ring! You are such a doll :-)

  3. I love strawberry plants. Years ago I had a bed that was bordered by a sidewalk on 3 sides and the house on the 4th and those things still managed to hop over into our lawn before the end of the summer.

    The yarrow is beautiful. I love ferns - and the only ones that I have want shade, which we do not have much of here in our relatively new neighborhood north of Dallas. I'll have to look for that at the nursery the next time I go. (Started to say "we", but, as you know, my sweetie is not in any shape to wander nurseries for a while...)


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